A request for help from Stephanie Frank


A request for help from Stephanie Frank

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Written by Stephanie Frank
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I have a heartfelt request of you today that I hope you’ll help me with.

As you may already know, my personal mission is “Happy People Everywhere.”

It’s also the vision of my company.  We have this vision because we know that when you have emotional intelligence, when you have the life skills that you need, life’s ups and downs get much easier.

Plus, it simply makes me jump for joy when you can laugh over life’s challenges.

I have just received an opportunity to have a blogging contract with the folks at Sam-e for six months to blog about mood and happiness.  This is a perfect fit for me and my heart is bursting with excitement at the opportunity to share the message with millions.

Here’s where you can be a part of this exciting journey…


The contest is open from now through October 30.  What I need from you is one click (vote) per day here:


From today through October 30th.


The top 20 people with highest votes go on to the next round, and it is my goal to be in that group.   (There, I said it out loud.)

Will you help me?

Leave a comment if you’re with me!


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