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5 Steps to Let Go and Leap Forward

Written by Stephanie

I was speaking with a client the other day.  She was angry.  Really angry.  Nothing was working right, her bank account was fluctuating wildly,  and she was working harder than ever.  She had every right to be angry.  For a very long time, she had struggled, hoping, praying and pushing through whatever came her way to be able to offer her services to those who needed it most.  Except those who needed it most didn’t know she was there.

She didn’t have a marketing problem, a sales system problem, a follow-up problem or a technology problem. Nope, none of those.  It also wasn’t that she wasn’t qualified, smart, knowledgeable and could solve a problem quickly and expertly for her clients.  She was all of those things in spades. Read more

5 Things You Must Do If You Are Going to Transform Your Life

Written by Stephanie

Okay, so things aren’t going well.  They’re not going well for a lot of people.  Many people right now are re-evaluating every context of their life.  (I know I am too). And that’s okay.   We go in cycles, we reinvent and we grow. It’s the nature of life.

I know.

It doesn’t always feel like a lot of fun, does it?  But I want to give you a few things you need to do if you want to transform how you are being in your life,  in your relationships and in your business.  Here goes: Read more

The emotion isn’t important… or is it?

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Written by Stephanie

Twenty years ago, I was mad.  Angry.  Trying to get ahead.  Pushing it.  Using all of my mental powers to build my business, enhance my career and working hard just to get a little bit ahead.  I was running a $5 million business at the time, and I didn’t have the luxury to stop and ask for help with my emotions.  They weren’t important…

…or so I thought. Read more

You’re only 6 steps away from living your passion

Written by Stephanie

Have you seen the movie “Up In The Air?”  I went to see it recently and found the main character’s passion interesting.

In case you haven’t seen it, the movie is about a guy who travels the country, 300 days per year, and fires people for a living. He loves every aspect of traveling, especially the parts that require him not to commit to any relationships – not family, not friends and certainly not a love interest.  He just doesn’t have time.

Then he meets someone and his life gets turned upside down. Read more

Breakdown? Or Breakthrough?

Written by Stephanie

“Worry is a waste of energy”

The year was 1984 and Iwas a year out of high school.  Having decided that I was grown up enough to live in my own apartment, (even though I couldn’t really afford it), with a rusty old ugly green sedan for transportation, I muddled through.  Working a part time job and going to school part time, I spent most nights at home eating baked potatoes because they were cheap and filled me up.

During the day, my thoughts were constantly on worrying about what my future would hold.  Read more

Getting ready to get ready

Written by Stephanie

Stuck is not a fun place to be.

Yet for so many, stuck seems to be a state that is stubbornly present, even defeating in the lives of so many.

You know, the web site tweak that just has to be done before you promote, the sales script that needs to have every word perfect before you make the call, the distraction of finding something new to create instead of focusing on the thing that’s in front of you.   Read more

Accidental Millionaire – the Next Chapter

Written by Stephanie

It was a room filled with about 300 networking engineers.  True geeks, that’s for sure.  I was there in the room to deliver a training to these high-level engineers about a subject they all loved – TCP/IP.

As the training went on, I discussed protocol, troubleshooting, hacking (oh excuse me, I meant to say “breaking down patterns to achieve entry into a network”) ARP, RARP, PING and a hundred other protocols.  We talked hexadecimal and binary numbering systems, packet loss and router tables.   Exciting stuff when you’re a geeky engineer. Read more

Who’s in charge?

Written by Stephanie Frank

Over the years, I’ve been doing a lot more life coaching (which I absolutely LOVE) helping people over panic, anxiety, worry, fear and self-confidence challenges, along with a host of other emotional and mental challenges that keep you stuck and feeling alone.     

I used to think that getting things done was all “mind over matter”, but not now.  You see, you already have inside of you all of the resources you need to get what you want, change what you want and be who you want.  Read more

“Something’s got to change….”

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Written by Stephanie Frank

Every year about this time, I start thinking about what my theme word will be for next year.  Then, in December, I will take the last 2 weeks and reflect, review and clean up whatever I need to in order to keep thing rolling.

This year has definately been a year of high-impact change.  (Funny, when I added that to our mission statement to help others create high-impact change in the shortest amount of time, I guess I was really talking to myself.  Read more

Your Change is Going to Come.

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Written by Stephanie Frank

I want to talk with you today about change.  It’s an inevitable part of life, yet sometimes it seems so hard. Changing relationships, careers, community, environment, health, emotions, mental states can really wreak havoc on the best-laid plans. Read more

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