Persuasion and Influence

We are the world….at what price?

Written by Stephanie Frank

It’s been 4 days since we said goodbye to the King of Pop – or as some would now call him, “The Greatest Artist that Ever Lived.”  Some were shocked by the news, most saddened and some don’t care at all.  Whatever your personal opinion of Michael Jackson, there is no denying the massive price this person paid for having so much success in his life.  And along with that success came the high price of pain.

For many, it is inconceivable that someone famous, wealthy or in the perfect relationship could have anything but joy in their life.  We have little regard for those who are in a better situation than us.  Read more

5 Things You Must Know About Sudden Success

Written by Stephanie Frank

These are very interesting times.  The world seems to be polarized – truly feast or famine.  Businesses are going under and the cries of “the economic crisis” ripple through the planet like waves ripple out when you drop a rock in the water.  Fear, failure and the world’s obsession with dramatic events blanket the airwaves.  It’s almost impossible to ignore.

But there’s something else going on – something nobody’s talking about.

On the other side of the fear and failure are people and organizations that are experiencing massive success.  Read more

Here’s how I knew Kris would win American Idol….

Written by Stephanie Frank

If you follow American Idol, you know that this year’s battle between rockers Adam Lambert and Kris Allen was a thrilling, exciting ride.  Here you have two people with great talent, and completely opposite approaches to music.  It seemed to most that Adam was the hands-down winner. 

Up until the show started, I thought so too.

Then, everything changed and I knew Kris would win. Read more