From Chaos to Calm: What to Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

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Written by Stephanie

You know that sinking feeling you get, way down in the pit of your stomach when you know it’s not working, you know you don’t know what to do next, and you feel paralyzed by fear?  There was a time in my life that when faced with a problem, I would completely retreat, silenced by my own fear or embarrassment, only to make the problem worse.

Not anymore. Read more

Your Change is Going to Come.

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Written by Stephanie Frank

I want to talk with you today about change.  It’s an inevitable part of life, yet sometimes it seems so hard. Changing relationships, careers, community, environment, health, emotions, mental states can really wreak havoc on the best-laid plans. Read more

A request for help from Stephanie Frank

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Written by Stephanie Frank

I have a heartfelt request of you today that I hope you’ll help me with.

As you may already know, my personal mission is “Happy People Everywhere.”

It’s also the vision of my company.  We have this vision because we know that when you have emotional intelligence, when you have the life skills that you need, life’s ups and downs get much easier. Read more

Baby Steps Make for Giant Leaps – A Reminder to Myself

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Written by Stephanie Frank

Well, here goes day 2 of my new commitment to write about life, love and happiness in my personal blog.  (I still write articles for Fast Company, Pink and a bunch of other places, so you can always get the straight scoop if you don’t like this more personalized stuff..)  :-)

Yesterday I went to my first astrology class.  Read more

We are the world….at what price?

Written by Stephanie Frank

It’s been 4 days since we said goodbye to the King of Pop – or as some would now call him, “The Greatest Artist that Ever Lived.”  Some were shocked by the news, most saddened and some don’t care at all.  Whatever your personal opinion of Michael Jackson, there is no denying the massive price this person paid for having so much success in his life.  And along with that success came the high price of pain.

For many, it is inconceivable that someone famous, wealthy or in the perfect relationship could have anything but joy in their life.  We have little regard for those who are in a better situation than us.  Read more

7 Keys to a Successful Life

Written by Stephanie Frank

Much has been written on what it takes to win the game of life. A lifetime of experience says it’s not as complicated as most people make it. Here’s my list. Take what you want.

1. You can’t succeed alone. Every story of success is a story of people working together, each contributing their own unique talents, Read more

A new twist on boosting self-confidence

Written by Stephanie Frank

She sat on the floor amongst a pile of papers and cried.


Everywhere she looked, something needed to be done. Bills were stacked, envelopes strewn about, unopened cards and grocery receipts cluttered the room. Read more