Cha Ching! Can you really make more money in the next 7 days?

I know, I know…. this post sounds a little smarmy doesn’t it?  (Smarmy is one of my favorite words)


But on to the real reason for this post today.  You see, every day I talk to people who just aren’t getting the results in life, work, relationships and money that they really truly want.  And that’s sad.

Too busy is a common complaint.  No time.  Not enough _________ (fill in the blank – money, resources, clients, fun, freedom, passion, etc).   Hey I’ve been there many, many times.   And I know one thing – if you are NOT having the results you want, it’s because of these things:

1.  You don’t have a plan.
2.  Your plan isn’t working.
3.  You don’ t know what to do next.
4.  You are trying to “figure it out” before you get a plan (my personal favorite)
5.  You are wasting time and blaming everything (and everybody) ELSE for it.

That’s it.  It’s simple.  When you are not BEING in charge of yourself, your thoughts, your actions and your words, you are not DOING the things that get you results.  Period.

The other day, I did a really fun webinar that will help you take whatever project you are currently working on, and teach you the 4 things you must DO in your life if you truly want results, and I’ve put it here for you to take a look.  It’s definately worth your time.  These are the same four things I always go back to when life seems a little messy.


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I believe in you and your success.


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    Thank you Stephanie, again. Jim O.